The PhD Thesis Latex Template for TRAIL, The Netherlands LICENSE


This latex template is created for PhD students from the Trail Research School easily organize their PhD Theis using latex. The format is checked and confirmed by Trail. If you are the PhD student struggling with the Latex problems for your Thesis, this is exactly what you need.

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Last update: 18th Jul 2021


drawing drawing

Online Overleaf Demo (Read-only)


Download the Latex Template

You can download the latex source file in two ways, i.e. on the Github repository (recommended), or via the online demo on Overleaf.



Use it on your local computer:

  1. Download this project as a zip file (or Clone it if you are familiar with Git) to your local folder.
  2. Compile it with your Latex tool locally using: pdfLaTex

Use it online (Overleaf):

There are two ways to set up your own thesis project based on this latex template on the Overleaf, i.e. upload the template zip file, or link it to your Github repository (for advanced user).

Again, please compile this project using: pdfLaTex

Quick info


This version is revised in 2020 based on the version of Rudy Negenborn created in 2009. It is the most updated version for TRAIL. It can be compiled directly without any changes.

You can also refer to Rudy’s readme.txt for detail information. Note, some configuration has been removed to make the template as simple as possible.


Thanks Conchita van der Stelt from the Trail Research School for reviewing this template.

Thanks Bellows Wang for testing this project.

Thanks Rudy Negenborn for the original version.


Feel free to let me know if you have any questions.

💌 vincent.gong7 [at]